Larry Schokman Book Award

The Board of Directors of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2020 Larry Schokman Book Award is MIKE WALLACE.

A native of Miami and now retired from ATT, Mike has been an important part of the Society for many years. He is the type of person who rarely leads the parade, but embodies the cheerful, hardworking type of person who is always helping in the background. In short, Mike is the kind of person every organization needs to get things done and be successful. Mike enjoys helping with whatever needs to be done, whether it be at our meetings and programs, our shows and sales, or our community tree plantings. He can be counted on to do what he says he will do and then ask if he can be of any further assistance.

Mike loves flowering trees and beauty, and besides his work with TFTS, he has worked long and diligently to plant and maintain a lovely and quiet oasis of trees and shrubs at his home. Mike also understands the importance of trees to a healthy environment and volunteers with TREEmendous Miami to plant, promote and protect trees in Miami-Dade County. WE SALUTE AND THANK YOU MIKE!

*The Larry Schokman Book Award was created 19 years ago to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the Tropical Flowering Tree Society’s goals of promoting, propagating, and preserving tropical flowering trees in our community. It was named in honor of Larry Schokman, one of the Society’s founding members, past presidents, and a tireless advocate for Coloring the Horizon with the exquisite beauty of flowering trees. Larry was also the Director of the Kampong of the National Tropical Botanical Garden and, with Mrs. Sweeney, restored the home and garden of Dr. Fairchild as well as added many flowering trees that are still enjoyed there today. Larry is now deceased and the award is presented today by his widow, Colleen Schokman, who was not only Larry’s wife but also his partner in many of his endeavors, particularly at the Kampong. At the next public meeting of the Tropical Flowering Tree Society, Mike Wallace will be presented with a copy of Larry’s wonderful book, Plants of The Kampong, a valuable addition to any tree lover’s library with its wonderful descriptions and pictures of the plants growing at the Kampong. It is a collector’s item that we feel certain Mike will cherish and enjoy.

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