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2020 Digital Edition of the


The Tropical Flowering Tree Society proudly  presents the 83rd annual installment of this oldest continuing festival in Miami-Dade County, The Royal Poinciana Fiesta.

As we all know, Covid-19 has been a devastating pandemic that has caused our society to significantly alter its operations. We pray that all of us can stay safe, and that the virus can soon be controlled or eliminated. Because of the virus, we reluctantly cancelled our plans for what would have been a great Fiesta this year, but we are already planning to present those events next year. Hopefully, we will all stay safe and be able to enjoy what we hope will be the best Poinciana Fiesta yet in 2021!

IN THE MEANTIME, we have done our best to continue the Fiesta and to bring you some of the beauty and joy of this fantastic tree during these difficult times. We are now presenting the 2020 Digital Royal Poinciana Fiesta for your enjoyment, including continuing the tradition of helping deserving high school seniors with scholarship funds to continue their educations.

PLEASE click on the following links and enjoy:

– A Pictorial Tour of Poincianas with photos by Lynda La Rocca and Beth Werner

Presentation of the 2020 Royal Poinciana Queen and Court, with pictures and short bios of this year’s winners, and $4,000 of Scholarships

A special 2020 edition of the song “Poinciana” performed by Joe Donato (alto sax), Kathleen Donato (vocals) and Brian Murphy(keyboards and musical arrangement)

– Announcement of the 2020 Larry Schokman Book Award

We hope you have enjoyed our Digital Edition of the 2020 Fiesta, and that you will join us for a great reunion celebration on June 4 – 6, 2021!

Planned events include:
1.  Workshop on Painting Poinciana trees  and flowers.

2. Musical Salute to the Royal Poinciana at Kerdyk Park.

3.  Presentation on the history,  uses, horticulture, and color range of Poincianas,  including examples of this glorious tree’s inspiration within the arts.

4. Two Trolley Tours of some of our area’s most outstanding Poincianas and other flowering trees led and narrated by very knowledgeable guides from the Tropical Flowering Tree Society.

5. Poinciana plantings.

 6. A juried Art Show of Student Art focused on the Poinciana.


6. Grand Finale Party at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden that will include:

  • Coronation of the 2021 Poinciana Fiesta Queen and Court
  • Tram tours of Fairchild Garden
  • Live Jazz Performance by Joe Donato and Brian Murphy
  • Exhibition of Paintings by the Florida Highwaymen and sale of a beautiful commemorative Royal Poinciana Fiesta Poster featuring a painting by deceased Highwayman great James Gibson
  • Presentation of the 2021 Larry Schokman Book Award for significant effort to promote, propogate and/or plant tropical flowering trees in our community
  • Presentation of the 2021 Keeper of the Flame Award to a person of historical significance to the Fiesta and part of the reason why we have more Poincianas in southern Florida than anywhere else on earth
  • Poinciana Passion Punch and Commemorative Cake, as well as other food and beverages.
  • Comraderie and fun with others who love the Poinciana, trees, and a healthy environment.


The Tropical Flowering Tree Society THANKS the following for helping sponsor this year’s Fiesta:

  • The Busot Group at Morgan Stanley, Coral Gables
  • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
  • Sallye Jude
  • The Kerdyk Foundation
  • Carmen Cason
  • Steve and Soony Pearson

AND the 2020 Royal Poinciana Fiesta Steering Committee:

  • Sallye Jude, Chair
  • Jessica Cabrera
  • Carmen Cason
  • Lynda La Rocca
  • Dolly MacIntyre
  • Judy Mangasarian
  • Steve Pearson
  • Beth Werner

AND the Poinciana Queen and Court Selection Committee:

  • Cindy Bobson, Chair
  • Ethel Johnson
  • Joan Soltz

If you are inspired by the beauty of Poincianas and want to help support the Royal Poinciana Fiesta, please join the Tropical Flowering Tree Society at http://www.tfts.org. Please write “RPF” on your check memo line.


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